understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Every Ascended Master is an Angel; but there are other Angels – Angels of the Sacred Fire that have never yet embodied, and They know only the concentration of the Power of Their Love. And let Me disabuse your minds tonight of the idea that there is any such thing as a fallen Angel. The Ascended Masters can’t fall; and the Angels who have never embodied can’t fall, because They haven’t entered into the physical world of physical embodiment.

The misunderstanding and misinterpretation of events that have happened down through the centuries is the thing that has confused mankind; and mankind has imposed upon the Divine Beings and the Divine Assistance provided by Life – God knows how much mankind has imposed distortion and untruth upon that which was only given and only produced Perfection.

I wish you to understand that from tonight, if you control your feeling and you command your feeling to be filled with Ascended Masters’ Feeling that sees and accepts and cooperates with the Angelic Host, you will have it just as certain as you make the Call; for We are able to give it! We are able to come through the physical atmosphere of Earth and cut through mankind’s human creation, when the Light within the Heart of the individual reaches up, and wants Our Visible, Tangible Presence in the physical octave, to fulfill the Divine Plan.

Whenever you want the Divine Plan fulfilled, call the Angelic Host to blaze whatever Sacred Fire Love fulfills the Divine Plan in and around you, or whatever you are trying to raise to Perfection. But call the Angelic Host to stand the Guard, so you have Protection to what you create – you have Protection to help you give; and therefore, destructive forces cannot reach in and undo the Service you’ve rendered.

Much of the Angelic Host’s Protection is by the Violet Consuming Flame and the Sword of Blue Flame. When that Sword of Blue Flame raises and flashes, human discord is consumed completely on the instant. This is a Conscious Concentration of the Blue Ray from the Great Central Sun, which is drawn into destructive conditions to consume them. I want you to feel that Our Desire to help you – and if We arouse the Expansion of the Light within you to reach up and accept the Help We offer, We can do many more things for your Nation.

Now you can call forth the Cosmic Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Fire that are the Guarding Presence of everything that is of the Christ within the Nation, They are the Guarding Presence of the Nation. There are Legions of the Angelic Host who are the Guarding Presence of the Freedom of this Nation; and this is why I am bringing it to your attention tonight, that you may accept Their Presence with you, call Their Presence into the physical conditions to help purify the Nation, and forbid what the sinister force intends.

There are the Forbidding Angels; and when They issue a Fiat, not all mankind’s destruction put together can act! It is stiffened instantly and consumed. The Power of the Angelic Host is unbelievable to unascended beings. It is Invincible; It is Cosmic, and It is always Victorious. And you can just as well have the Cosmic Legions of the Angels of Immortal Purity to come in and around you, as to put up with the impurity that mankind has generated in outer world conditions.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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