Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 381

“Your memory has been trained to remember the shadows, when it knows very well it is not comfortable in anything except the Light; but I say to you, your memory has the capacity to remember all the Light it wants to, when you hold authority over that memory and command it to remember to do these things which set you Free.

Most of the time you have had the feeling that you were subject to the action of your memory, when just the reverse is the Truth. You can run your memory or let your memory run you, whichever you want. But when you say, “I don’t remember” – well then, you surely don’t; but if you say, “My memory does retain this thing”, or “I command my feeling and mind to forget this thing”, oh, My Dear Ones, you will be Free!

It is part of My Victory to you, to remind you to command your intellect to stop remembering anything that is of the shadows! Now many of you have struggled under the habit of letting old things come forward to hold your attention again – things that were mistakes in the past, and yet which come forward and remind you of themselves. That is just a subtle activity of suggestion, to try and ruin today’s energy with something that took place years or months ago.

When anything comes to your mind that did not produce Perfection in the past, take your stand right then and say: “No you don’t! My ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ is my Eternal Divine Memory and knows you not! ‘I AM’ the Cosmic Electrifying Presence of the Blue Lightning which annihilates you in my memory! I replace you by Victory’s Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory! Never again do you touch any part of Life! Go into the Violet Flame! Blaze, Thou Blue Lightning of Divine Love! Dissolve and consume every record of that same quality in the consciousness of the whole world, and all of mankind!”

You will in a very short time, My Dear Ones, feel yourselves released from many things under which you struggle this hour; but you cannot keep on acknowledging in spoken word and accepting in the feeling, the shadows of conditions which do not produce Perfection, and then expect Manifestations of the Miracles of Light!

I ask that you remember to qualify everything you touch with the Great Cosmic Miracles of the Victory of Peace throughout the World, and the Illumination of the minds of mankind through that Victory, so never again can a shadow register upon you or your worlds. Then We shall move forward to the Victory which has to come throughout the World.”- Beloved Mighty Victory

Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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