Understanding The “I AM”…That Is You…


One Step Closer (Aakash Gandhi)

  For Those Of You Who Find This Page, It Is Due To Divine Guidance, Since These Messages Are Spiritually Potent, And Are Not To Be Taken Lightly! There May Be A Message Found Here That Is Helpful And Necessary In Your Lives At This Time, And May Be The Reason You Find Yourself Here. Feel Free To Read The Posts At Your Own Pace, And Research Things For Yourselves For Clarity; Cuz Only You Know What Feels Right To You…Amen!

If You Visit The Page Out Of Curiosity Only, Then You Will Probably Move On Eventually, For The Message Here Is A Soulful And Spiritual One! A Life Altering One; Enabling Those Who Are Sincere And Ready To Accelerate In Growth Of Consciousness; And For Those Who Are Ready To Serve As A Beacon Of Light For All Of Humanity. Let Us Continue…Win Ruffin 😊💜💜💜