Grateful Day, Everyone…

"Notice, Beloved Ones, a thing which has come into being makes its etheric record; and if there are those who secretly are unscrupulous, they will sometimes pick them out of the etheric records. Therefore, do you understand the Great Guard which has been constantly placed over mankind to shield and protect innocent individuals from frightful [...]

Grateful Day, Everyone…

"Look beyond into the greater achievement which, with your determined cooperation as has been thus far, shall come forth. After the Victory of the Light holds Its Dominion in America, you will see arise - replacing much in your present cities - a Beauty, a Perfection which will thrill every human being to the limit [...]

isis unveiled: chapter xiv (ancient mysteries)

"The Teraphim of Abram's father, Terah, the "maker of images", were the Kabeiri gods, and we see them worshipped by Micah, by the Danites, and others. Teraphim were identical with the seraphim, and these were serpent-images, the origin of which is in the Sanscrit sarpa (the serpent), a symbol sacred to all the deities as [...]