isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter vii (defending the secret science)

“As a last word, the Christian Gnostics sprang into existence toward the beginning of the second century, and just at the time when the Essenes most mysteriously faded away, which indicated that they were the identical Essenes, and moreover pure Christists, viz.: they believed and were those who best understood what one of their own [...]

isis unveiled, vol 2: vii (defending the secret science)

“The common arguments adduced against the Jaïna claim, of having been the source of the restoration of ancient Buddhism, that the principle tenet of the latter religion is opposed to the belief of the Jaïnas is not a sound one. Buddhists, say our Orientalists, deny the existence of a Supreme Being; that Jaïnas admit one, [...]

Grateful Day, Everyone…

“When you call to your “Mighty I AM Presence” to make everything in your world the Victory of the Ascended Masters’ Divine Plan Fulfilled, and then you remember to charge and acknowledge that Victory around yourselves constantly – never giving acceptance to anything else – you will find the ethers about you tremendously sensitive! As [...]

isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter vii (defending the secret science)

““It is the missionaries in China and India, who first started this falsehood about Niepang, or Niepana (Nirvana)”, says Wong-Chin-Fu. Who can deny the truth of this accusation after reading the works of the Abbe Dubois, for instance? A missionary who passes forty years of his life in India, and then writes that the “Buddhists [...]

isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter vii (defending the secret science)

“It is not true that Gautama never taught anything concerning a future life, or that he denied the immortality of the soul. Ask any intelligent Buddhist his ideas on Nirvana, and he will unquestionably express himself, as the well-known Wong-Chin-Fu, the Chinese orator, now traveling in this country, did in a recent conversation with us [...]