understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you wish to acknowledge Our Presence, if you wish to accept the Love and the Help We give, if you wish to have your world filled with Our Miracles, then say so! Were you to ask that everything in your being and world be kept forever filled full to overflowing with the Invincible Miracles and Manifestations of the Angelic Host’s Control of physical conditions – and the Sacred Fire’s Love that is the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan – you will have It manifest!

So now it’s entirely a matter of your own choice as to how close We come. There are conditions in the atmosphere of Earth from which We wish to protect you. There are creations of mankind which are wholly confusing; and they are all but the sinister force’s creation to affect the emotional bodies of the people, to confuse them and make them doubt the Reality, the Power, the Magnificent Perfection of the Ascended Masters’ Existence and Octave of Manifestation in the Universe.

Anything and everything that does not want to accept the Reality of the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, the Angelic Host, or the Activities of the Sacred Fire and Cosmic Light, whatever opposes or refuses to accept that is nothing on Earth but the darkness of human discord. And it is generated by discord in the feeling. Discord in the feeling becomes a barrier to anything and everything that is from the Angelic Host’s Great Octave of Life.

There is no barrier in the Ascended Masters’ Octave. All resistance and obstruction to the Visible, Tangible Presence of the Angelic Host is entirely in the emotional bodies of unascended beings, because when the emotional body is purified and the feeling is held quiet, it is no trouble at all – almost with a breath – to open your sight and let you see the Angelic Host. But We’re not going to open your sight to see anything but the Angelic Host and the Ascended Host – which are One. Mankind has seen many things and continues to see many things in and out of the physical body, ninety percent of which is not constructive.

Beloved Ones, I am here to help you realize what the Power of the Angelic Host is, to blaze the Sacred Fire Control of physical conditions in and around you to form the Protection that repels the discord of human creation. Now the Angelic Host projected the Sacred Fire Love in and around a condition to hold the Victory and Perfection there. And please do not forget, when We draw that Sacred Fire around an individual or a condition, the Powers of Nature cannot act any way except harmoniously to the Sacred Fire which We bring. This is Protection against the destructive activities of the Powers of Nature that mankind has imposed upon the Beings of the Elements to produce destruction.

When there is charged into the atmosphere of Earth mankind’s continuous hatred and destruction and violence of war, surely you must understand that if you want the constructive way of life somewhere, you must have Protection. The sinister force won’t give it to you. Human creation won’t give it to you. Mankind’s intellect can’t give it to you. Then your Protection depends entirely upon the Sacred Fire’s Love which the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Host direct.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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