understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mankind must have some Conscious Understanding – more Conscious Understanding of what tremendous Service the Angelic Host render to unascended beings. The Cosmic Law of this Cycle, some time ago, set into Action the Cosmic Command that there must come more Cosmic Concentration and Cosmic Cooperation between mankind and the Angelic Host, in order to bring into the physical octave enough of the Sustaining Power of Eternal Purity to enable constructive activities to survive through the coming discord.

Therefore, the Legions of the Angels of the Sacred Fire are the protecting Presence to all that is constructive within your Nation. They are the Protecting Presence around everything that is constructive that will recognize Them, that will call Them into association in your outer world conditions, and will let Them pour Their Sacred Fire Love in, through, and around you, because whatever They accomplish for you, must be accomplished through you. They can hold the Sacred Fire Miracle Manifestation around your physical body or around your physical affairs.

But when it comes to actually creating and producing the Perfection that fulfills the Divine Plan, then Their Heart Flame of Sacred Fire Love has to pour forth through your physical bodies. And It has to pour forth through your feeling – has to pour forth through the energy of your own Life. It has to pour forth through the pictures in your own mind. It has to pour forth through your own intellectual concepts.

And therefore the enfolding Presence, the Sacred Fire Presence of the Angelic Host, is a Mighty Reality that belongs in this world, and will always accompany those who give Them recognition, acceptance – give Them obedience and cooperation, and will make the Call for Their Presence to come into the lower atmosphere of Earth. And God knows you need It! (applause – audience rising). Thank you so much Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated, please, and just remain so.”

Beloved Archangel Michael


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