Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 376

“My Beloved Legions of Victory, for such I have called you, and such you are! I come again this afternoon to lift you, I trust, one step nearer to the Mighty Victory – the Great Eternal Victory of both your Ascension and the Ascension of your Nation, out of the claws of all that is of the shadows. As We call forth the Great Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory this afternoon, to enable you to feel the Mastery which is contained within It, I ask you again to remember that without Forgiveness, you cannot have Victory! Without Love you cannot have Victory; and if there is anything of the shadows, then there is not Victory.

If you are to be the Open Door through which the Light of Victory must come to America, then there must be no more shadows in you or your worlds! You can just as well have your daily Acknowledgement of Our Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory in everything you contact, as to acknowledge the outer world’s conditions with which you have associated so long, and which have enmeshed you more and more in their distress. You cannot converse about the shadows and have any Light in your world! While you are speaking of the shadows, the shadows will enfold you. Now don’t mistake this any longer! You cannot discuss discordant conditions in continued conversation, and not be engulfed by the shadows during that time.

When you discuss Me or the Light or Freedom, or any Quality that is constructive, you are engulfed in the Light, are you not? Well, since you are My Legions of Victory, or at least part of Them, I expect your Acknowledgment of the Light where the shadows seem to be, because you have no way in this Universe of getting rid of any of the shadows of human distress, except to put Light in their place. Can you take the darkness out of this room by any means whatsoever, except to bring the Light within it? Then, unless you bring the Light within the shadows of your problems, how can your problems ever be solved of dissolved?

Every thought, every feeling, every spoken word that is not constructive is a shadow – therefore, not My Victory, not America’s Victory, not Saint Germain’s Victory! In order for Light to release, Light must be accepted; Light must be acknowledged; Light must be called into action! Light must be loved! And Light must be spoken into the atmosphere of Earth, if Light is to produce a manifestation. You cannot produce a Manifestation of Light by discussion of the darkness. It was never done, never will be done! The world needs every particle of Light that you can call forth this hour! Even the shadows of human distress must be consumed by Light so intense, that they cannot live longer.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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