understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved of My Heart, as the Angelic Host comes closer and closer into the outer affairs of mankind, those of you who have given Us acceptance and sent Us your Calls, We want you to feel the Visible, Tangible Presence of those who are ministering in the lower atmosphere of Earth, those of the Angelic Host who are drawing Their Sacred Fire Protection around all that is constructive, and who will not leave you if you remember to give Them acceptance, and call forth Their Sacred Fire Presence into outer physical conditions.

This is to let the Angelic Host have Authority through unascended beings, to draw into physical manifestation the Sacred Fire Miracle Manifestations that must come in, through, and around you all, in order to protect you, because the Sacred Fire Miracles are the Ascended Masters’ Way of Life to produce manifestation without the interference of human discord. I’m quite sure you want that! We want It for you, and It is Obedience to the Great Divine Law.

Therefore, it is necessary for unascended beings, who understand this Law to make the Call for the Angelic Host’s Sacred Fire Presence with you sometime each day, to come closer into your physical affairs and release more of the Cosmic Pressure of the various Activities of the Sacred fire that will more easily control your physical conditions.

You sometimes think that you are controlling physical conditions – sometimes and sometimes not. When discord enters, I grant you, the outer human self is controlling some of the energy in the physical octave; but if you were to see what the Great Angelic Host does every day in, through, and around individuals who are constructive, and are trying to hold to the right way of Life in the midst of the outer world conditions, you would be amazed to see how many Miracles are produced by the Presence of one or more of the Angelic Host in that condition, pouring forth the Heart Flame of the Love from that Being, that compels constructive activities to bring about the satisfactory result.

Mankind has a certain acceptance in the feeling world – in the awareness within Life – of the Presence of the Angelic Host. Whenever tremendous Protection is given, mankind automatically gives certain recognition. But if you will form the habit, every day, of calling whatever Legions of the Sacred Fire’s Immortal Protection and Help is necessary to make you Victorious over everything human each day, We can establish Legions – Groups and Legions of certain ones of the Angelic Host, some of those who direct the Sacred Fire – to abide with you regardless of where you go. They can abide with you or above you or around you.

Some of these are not Ascended Beings. Some of the Angels of which We speak are the Beings of the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire that have never touched discord. So wherever Their Sacred Fire Presence enfolds your physical bodies or your affairs, try to remember, nothing can come in, through, and around you – or into your conditions – except the Sacred Fire Love of Their Immortal Purity. This is the Master Power that produces Perfect Manifestation. It is the Almighty Mastery that gives Invincible Protection to those who are trying to give Obedience to the Cosmic Law at this time, and are trying to do that which is constructive for the rest of mankind.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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