understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“To some degree there is general acceptance of Our Presence in the Universe; but the moment you pin individuals down to acceptance and the Reality of Our Power, the uncertainty is the thing that shuts the door against mankind having the greater Power of the Angelic Host. The Concentration of the Sun Presence, the Revealing Sun Presence of what the Angelic Host can do for mankind, must come into the physical atmosphere of Earth. Within that is the Awareness of what mankind requires. Within that Sun Presence is the Sacred Fire Mastery of Our Life.

So if this world is to have Help, and the greater good come to fulfill the Divine Plan, then the Sacred Fire Mastery must come to consume the evil, purify conditions, and provide the Way and means for Our Perfection to be lowered from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, and brought into the physical conditions of Earth by those who are Authority over the whole world and the System of Worlds.

There must come the Fiery Truth of Our Existence, both to the intellect and the feeling of human beings. There must come some understanding of how We serve Life, what We can give, why We are required in the physical Octave of Earth to fulfill the Divine Plan. mankind also needs to be made to understand the Service the Angelic Host render when individuals pass from the body into the Octave of Light between embodiments, and when the individual is able to attain the Ascension.

There is scarcely an activity – a Raising Activity of Life anywhere in this world – that is not assisted by some of the Angelic Host. When it comes to the use of the Angels of the Violet Flame, Their Presence, I assure you, passes through the atmosphere of Earth whenever and wherever an Intensification of the Violet Consuming Flame is drawn into the conditions of the physical worlds – to handle them and hold the Victory for that which is constructive.

In every effort mankind makes to hold to the constructive way of Life, and within every constructive desire within the individual, there is an expanding Action of the Light within each one’s Life Stream. When that Light expands, We see It in the atmosphere around an individual; and We cultivate that like you would cultivate a very rare plant in your garden. When there is the slightest upreaching and desire for greater God Activity of Life, We will give every possible Assistance. We enfold that expanding Light in the Sacred Fire or Our Love, and fan It as you would a spark, until It bursts into a Flame that holds Dominion within the Life Stream of the individual.

This is how We help the Heart Desires of the individual to come into outer activities and control the affairs around the individual and produce as much constructive activity as possible – and guard that wherever We may.

When you understand that every constructive thing mankind does is guarded and assisted and enfolded in the Radiation of the Sacred Fire Love of the Angelic Host, you will realize how much Our Life is One with your own “Beloved I AM Presence” – with each Life Stream – and is the Raising, Strengthening, Expanding Blessing of Our Life within your Life, to enable It to go forth and fulfill Its Great Divine Plan, both for the Purification of the Earth, the redeeming of the Earth, and to the Accomplishment of the Ascension of the Earth as well as mankind. There is not a constructive activity of Life anywhere in this world that is not guarded and helped to expand by one or more of the Angelic Host.

So I think it’s time that enough intelligent understanding of who the Angels are – what They do for mankind, and when and how They can come to assist the people of this world; and it’s time mankind have the Illumination that the Angels can give.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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