understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of the Mighty Saint Germain’s Family, as We enter into the Release of the greater Power from the Angelic Host – and I am speaking now in the mass Outpouring of the great Power and terrific Love of the Angelic Host to the people of Earth at this time – We want you to feel, wherever possible, the nearness, the Love, and the Power of the Angelic Host to come into outer world conditions and assist in the Protection of what is constructive, to strengthen everything that is constructive, and to be present with you as often as possible.

The nearness of Our Presence depends something upon the Recognition you give Us – when, and where, and as often as you have time, or take time, to send your Consciousness to Us, with your Conscious recognition and Desire for Our Presence. Now within your Life there is always the Desire for Our Presence. We recognize that. But under the Action of the Cosmic Law that affects the whole planet and affects this nation, it takes the Conscious Command, the Conscious Call, the Conscious Acceptance that Our Life has answered your Call. That is why it is necessary for this Conscious Knowledge of the Angelic Host to be brought to the intellectual consciousness of mankind. 

There must come some intelligent understanding of who the Angels are, what is the Service They render to the people of Earth, and how all may have the greatest Blessing possible through the Call to and Acceptance of the Presence of the Angelic Host in the lower atmosphere of Earth.

Most of mankind feel the Angels are way off here somewhere. It’s true. We are in either the Octave of Light or the Ascended Master’s Octave; but the feeling world of the mass of the people must be purified and charged with Our Ascended Master Feeling and nearness of Our Presence. It is to the degree that individuals feel Our Presence that they provide the condition by which We may come, because We may not under any circumstance intrude upon the Free Will of anyone.

When it comes to the handling of frightful destructive forces, that’s quite another thing. We handle the creation by Conscious Command, and in that We give no quarter at all to human creation. But so far as the individual’s Life Stream is concerned, the acceptance of Our Presence must come in the feeling world of individuals. Their desire world must allow the Light within the Life Stream to expand and desire Our Presence with them before the Cosmic Law permits Us to come into more Powerful Association in the outer world’s affairs, and into the conditions that affect individuals.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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