Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 350

“My Dear Ones, do you know why mankind have so long failed to have the Perfection they have called for so earnestly, many times for many years? Many people have prayed and prayed sincerely for that which was right, but it has always been from up here, (pointing to head). That is such an infinitesimal part of the energy of the body, when you realize what goes into the stomach! It is the energy through the central portion of the body which needs to be held still under your own control; and the energy in the other person’s body, held in the Arms of Light from either the “Presence”, the Higher Mental Body, or the Ascended Masters.

You have no right to dominate and manage the energy in the body of someone else. You would object most strenuously if somebody did it to you! You all object when they try it; then don’t try it on anybody else. However, you do have the right, and you are wholly within obedience to the Law when you call to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Higher Mental Body of the individual, from whom all that energy has come, and to the Ascended Masters who are all Authority over everything human – to stand behind the individual, close the Arms of Light about that one, and shut off all human selfishness and discord.

Now we are headed right into the enemy’s camp, because the stomach is it! You know that stomach is the bottomless pit! It never stays satisfied! You can just pour and pour and pour food, liquid, or whatever else you put into it, again, again, and again; and it is not fifteen minutes, half an hour, or two hours, until you are hungry again, and so you do it over and over and over.

When that body goes for twenty-four hours without food, oh my, everybody is terribly worried. The individual has not had a meal all day! That would be a very good thing for a lot of people! I do not mean always, but once in a while to let that stomach have a chance to be quiet and rest and have nothing to do – oh, just for a little bit! The majority of people are pouring something down inside, every moment. That is why there is so much energy in the solar plexus, and that is what you should control.

If you are going to put substance, which is energy, into the stomach, then hold on to it; qualify it with Light and let the “I AM Presence” have a chance to produce Perfection through you. If somebody else falls off the pedestal once in a while, oh, help them up! You would have been in a rather bad way if some of Us had not looked in your direction once in a while, all through the centuries.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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