understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have had instances through the centuries of nations and groups of individuals deadlocked in their own ideas, unable to agree with each other, and constantly creating more and more problems. And yet do you know, even some of your world conferences in which there seems to be no agreement – that lasts any length of time – I could walk simply through the atmosphere of the city and make it impossible for the evil in those conferences to function.

Now that’s the power We are ready to give! That Power is in the Universe. It is part of Life. Life is One; Energy is One; Consciousness is One; Substance is One; Space is One. And since We are the Authority of Perfection, and more than that, We are the Manifestation of Protection, if you want Perfection manifest in this world, it’s going to have to come by the Assistance of the Angelic Host.

Your “Beloved I AM Presence” has for centuries been pouring It through, and mankind has misused It and desecrated It. But the Angelic Host are the Guarding Presence of the Sacred Fire that are provided by the Cosmic Law, to protect and sustain whatever constructive activity your “Mighty I AM Presence” wishes to manifest in the physical world to fulfill and outpicture the Divine Plan.

While the “Presence” is creating and manifesting Its Perfection, there is always a Group of the Angelic Host that stand between the manifestation and the vibratory action of the energy around It, until It is complete. And even then, sometimes for centuries, Legions of Angels sustain the constructive activities that have been brought into existence in this world to bless mankind.

Now don’t let your intellect say: “‘Well, I thought the “Mighty I AM Presence’ was All-Powerful!” Certainly It is! Otherwise, It couldn’t create Perfection. But the Divine Plan is that the Angelic Host are in existence; and Their Service to Life is to keep the energy around a manifestation controlled until the creation is perfected and is moved into outer action to build a civilization, to build a nation, or to go forward and produce certain manifestation throughout the world.

And the Angelic Host are the Messengers, the Ambassadors, and the Carriers of the Great Central Sun’s Sacred Fire Love into any locality, to surround any manifestation that is constructive, and to sustain it until it renders its service and its blessing to the Universe around it or to mankind. This is the Divine Plan of Life. And there are uncountable Legions of the Angelic Host who govern manifestation, who create manifestation, who sustain it, who use it, and through which the lesser life is raised into the Greater Realms, of Life’s Glorifying Perfection.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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