understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of My Heart, tonight as We are drawing into the lower atmosphere of Earth more of the Sacred Fire Power from the Great Realm of the Angelic Host, We ask you to be aware more frequently, of not only the Service of the Angels to unascended mankind, but try to recognize that every Ascended Master is an Angel – and in that capacity is at all times a Revealing Sun Presence, to reveal to consciousness everywhere the Perfection that the Great Sacred Fire Love has created, that It gives into outer action, that It expects to manifest everywhere to fulfill the Great Divine Plan.

You are not always aware of the Service of the Angelic Host to unascended mankind to the degree that you open the way to let the Angelic Hosts’ Power come into your outer affairs – control conditions around you so that you prevent the discord occurring that otherwise whirls everywhere in the outer world activities. If you could see – how by just the Radiation of one of the Angelic Host into a condition that is destructive, and sometimes just passing by the condition – the Radiation of the Sacred Fire Love Goes forth from the Angel into the condition. And there may not be any great sensational change, but evil just is not able to focus into the destruction that otherwise would have taken place if the Angel’s Love had not passed by.

Now We are moving constantly in the atmosphere of Earth, and there are Legions who bring Help to mankind; but if unascended beings are not aware of Our Presence, they do not cooperate with Us consciously enough to let Us release the greatest Power which otherwise they could have.

Now the outer world might have some comments about this; but if you could understand what the Service of the Angels of the Blue Flame and Blue Lightning and Cosmic Illumination can do in the government of a nation – and in outer world conditions that are bringing greater perfection and greater civilization into manifestation, you would be utterly amazed if you could see at the Inner Level, what can take place when a Call to the Angelic Host goes forth.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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