understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you might say to the outer self, “Well, I don’t look much like the Power Flame of the Angelic Host.” Perhaps you don’t from the outer, but you don’t know what you look like from the Inner. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. If you hadn’t looked very wonderful tonight, I would not have been able to give you this at this particular time. I’m telling you this not to feed your ego for any reason at all, but to give you the encouragement and the use of a greater Power of Our Love which the world needs – not just you individually.

The ground you tread upon needs Our Power Flame of Love. Weary mankind, in its struggle against human creation, needs the Power of Our Love. And you, the more you reach up to draw forth the Powers of your “Presence” into your outer use, will need the Power of Our Love also. For Our Love is always a Protecting Power, and the Wisdom of that Power brings much Illumination that all can use with very great benefit.

So Blessed Ones, I’m going to watch with very great interest your feeling world when you begin to use this Decree: “‘I AM’ the Power Flame of the Angelic Host!” Now I wouldn’t go out and brag about this – discuss it. If you are wise, you will keep it locked within the Silence of your own Heart and talk not about it to people of the outer world. Just let the Power be drawn in and around you and reveal Itself and Its Blessings to life wherever you abide by the deeds you do, by the works you perform, by the Blessings you give, and by the Perfection you express. And therefore, if you keep it in the Silence of your own Heart’s Love, you will find it act very much more quickly. Your concentration of the Power will be more rapid, more powerful, and bring you Its Blessings in a very, very delightful way.

You see, if mankind understood the Sacredness of the Great, Divine Trusts which Life gives to each one, as you might call It, a Confidence from God to you – the Confidence of your “Presence” or the Ascended Host to you as a Sacred Trust – and love It in the Silence, you would find Its Powers releasing through you very much more rapidly. And your Mastery would come very much more easily. And you would find an Invincible Protection that you do not have unless those Powers and Trusts from your “Presence” and from Us are considered a Sacred, Wondrous Gift of Love, upon which no impudent force of the outer world should be allowed to intrude.

And if I were you, and people who are brazen try to question you about some of these Sacred Trusts from the “Presence”, I would not hesitate an instant in saying, “What my God has given me is God’s Trust and Love to me, and is none of your business.” I would settle that thing, because the impudence of the sinister force is unbridled; and you’re not obligated at any time to answer impudent questions. I would not give the quarter for an instant to that sinister thing that wants to either cast dishonor and discredit upon that which is of God that is helping you, or try to make you refuse to acknowledge the Great Miracles and Blessings that Love so wondrously bestows upon the people of Earth.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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