understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of My Heart, as the Angelic Host are drawing greater and greater Power of the Sacred Fire into outer physical conditions for the correction of the affairs of mankind, I wish to offer Assistance to you all – if you care to accept that which We want to bring into physical conditions for your Protection and Victory, and for the relief of mankind from distress.

The masses of the people intuitively feel there is such a thing as a Guardian Angel because they feel the necessity of Protection against destructive forces. But individuals know so little about the Angelic Host, and they could have so much more help if they understood what they could do to cooperate with the Great Cosmic Law in the way It releases that help through the Angelic Host.

So therefore, tonight I’m going to give you a Secret of Power, a Power that can never bring you discord of any kind, that you may use without limit, and is always at hand – for this reason: When you individualized from the Great Central Sun, the Cosmic Law provided an Angel to guard your Life Stream until either you were Ascended or met the second death. The Angel of the “Presence” that guards each embodiment, that has guarded your Life Stream since you left the Great Central Sun, is ever ready to pour you the Power of Its Love. It has poured you that Power and Love or you would not be in the Light today.

It is the being that comes with you into individualization that keeps drawing the Magnetic Power of the Great Central Sun magnet around you for the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan. And since that is your Divine Birthright and Original Heritage, you have the right to use this Decree which I shall give you now, to draw more power into the outer physical world for your greater Protection, Freedom, and Assistance to others.

There is no excuse for being set up about this Acknowledgment; so, try to remain very humble in your love and gratitude to the Angel of the “Presence” for all the good you have received, and pour that love and gratitude to the Great Ascended Host who have been your Guarding Presence also – until you have come thus far in the Light. But tonight, because of the need that you’re going to face in the outer world, I think you will be very much delighted and very happy if you will use this Decree: “‘I AM’ the Power Flame of the Great Angelic Host!”

Now, Our Power Flame is the Power of Our Love. It also contains the Wisdom of that Love and Power. And remember this – anything that comes from the Angelic Host is always held in Perfect Balance. There is never at any time anything can flow or come through any of the Angelic Host but the Perfect Balance of Love, Wisdom, and Power. Therefore, It always produces Perfection.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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