Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 345

“My Beloved Ones, if you just took that one Word and acknowledged the Cosmic Force of My Cosmic Love, Cosmic Forgiveness, and Cosmic Victory in anything and everything that you do – under the Action of the Cosmic Law, My Life Stream would automatically flow in, and My Flame consume all else. The Flame of Love and Forgiveness from My Heart would automatically consume all else.

What is it that opposes the Victory of the Light? Selfishness – which holds substance in a rate of vibration that is not Self-Luminous, which means God-Luminous! So when you call Me, watch out! When you call My Cosmic Force of Cosmic Victory into a situation, human selfishness must be annihilated. Do you know that human selfishness is the cause of all discord, and all discord is but a shadow before My Flame?

If there were a piece of paper or a piece of material standing between you and the Light, and you wanted the Light, would it be difficult to put a match to that piece of paper and burn it up to let the Light come through? Well, just so with Myself. In any situation wherein the Victory of Light seems not to be coming through, when My Flame is called into action, I burn out all substance of human selfishness.

I am sure your Beloved Saint Germain, the Blessed Goddess of Purity, and the Great Beings of Light will appreciate greatly your Acknowledgment of the Cosmic FORCE of the Violet Consuming Flame – compelling the Victory of My Light and My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory to take possession and reign Supreme with Full Power! The Cosmic FORCE of the Cosmic Violet Consuming Flame burns away the destructive qualities, and My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory takes Its Dominion and possesses all.

My Dear Ones, there must come the Acknowledgment through your “I AM” Decrees, and through your feelings, of these conditions which you want brought into the outer world! You may desire them with great intensity in your feelings and that is well, and this is where they begin first, of course; but if it were not necessary for you to speak the Word – to use the Great Creative Word “I AM” – why do you suppose It would have ever been given to you? Why would you have the Power of Speech, if that Action were not required under the Cosmic Law for the physical octave of Earth?”  – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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