understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When We see some of the conditions from which mankind could so easily be free if people understood this Law, if Our Hearts could ache, they would, when We have the Power; the Cosmic Law is ready to give the Help, and yet individuals do not awaken and reach up and use the Power that would set them Free. That is due largely to much confusion that is in the atmosphere of Earth, and much discord and impurity in the energy of the feeling world.

And so tonight, I’m going to offer you a Secret which the Angelic Host use constantly, because It’s the Secret of Their Power; and It is the Power that brings Freedom. When you realize that within the Power Flame to which you have called, that you may have a Sun Presence of the Power Flame of any Special Quality you require, and that your “Mighty I AM Presence” and We are ready to establish that in and around you as a part of your Life Stream for Eternity, then you must realize, no earnest effort is ever lost. You may need to call for some time before you see the outer manifestation of the answer to your Call. But that is because you must give one-third of the energy that produces the manifestation, because your “Presence” gives one-third, and We give one-third. So that’s the balance.

So when you enter into the use of the Power Flame, remember to call forth the Ascended Master Qualities and Powers of Life without any limit whatsoever. But always demand that in your use of these Powers, whatever you produce is compelled to be Invincible against all evil forever. Then everything you do is permanent accomplishment. Everything you do with that Call becomes permanently harmonious. Then no force of evil can take it away from you.

I’m giving you this tonight in order to protect the Blessings you need to hold your supply sustained. Now you know, many of you have had supply for a time; and then you don’t have it for a time. Of course, when you don’t have it, then you get down in a depression, so to speak. I want you to go forward with boundless supply, ever-expanding, so you’re capable of rendering greater service; and in the greater service you will experience greater happiness.

So the Gift We bring is Eternal; and if you will call forth, and do your part in demanding that everything constructive be made Invincible against all evil, the hordes of evil can no longer be permitted to desecrate what’s in your world. And that’s very important at this time. (applause). Thank you so much Precious Ones.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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