understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of Our Hearts, thank you for your love tonight. Thank you for your Calls to the Angelic Host. I bear you the Blessings and the Love and the Greetings from those who ever watch every opportunity to protect and expand that which is constructive, and to expand the Light through all Life everywhere possible – and as rapidly as possible. Tonight, in the Cosmic Power that is surging throughout the system for the Purification of all, there comes naturally into action a very much greater Release of Power from the Angelic Host.

So, in your acceptance of Our Presence, in your use of the Power Flame of the Angelic Host’s Love to Life, you will find coming into your affairs and into your consciousness – just like a Sun Presence that releases wave after wave of Light, by which you can see your way ahead very much more clearly, and thus avoid conditions that make your problems. Because as you charge yourselves with Our Cosmic Light, or the Light of Our Cosmic Consciousness, It automatically brings into your outer consciousness Our Ideas, Our Faculties, Our Knowledge from the Greater Realms of Perfection. And so We can give you, from time to time, as much as you can use to release greater Perfection into your daily experience, and to make you more capable of handling greater responsibility.

Now since you’ve decreed to be rid of your problems, you must be prepared to take greater responsibility. But it doesn’t mean that your greater responsibility will bring more problems. What We want to do is free you from limitations so you will be more capable of rendering the Service that needs to be given. So your Joy should become very much greater as you realize your greater opportunities, and you feel the freedom of going into greater action without strain, or stress, or struggle.

There is plenty of energy in the Universe, My Dear Ones, which you may have freely as the air you breathe; but your capacity to use that must be guarded and governed, and everything that you draw forth held in perfect balance. In order to charge yourselves with greater Power that you may have greater accomplishment, there must come greater Light within you. Therefore, whenever you call forth anything of greater manifestation, demand It be always sustained Invincible against evil. Then whatever comes into existence in your world, your individual experience, becomes yours for permanent use. Then you do not have to constantly do things over and over and over again.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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