Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 339

“Oh, My Dear Ones, you can have your Cosmic Victory with such Cosmic Speed, Power, Force, and Action in everything into which you wish to charge It; so you move forward from one accomplishment to another with a speed which knows no opposition. Therefore, let us move forward and make America Saint Germain’s Crystal Cup of Cosmic Victory, His Cosmic Freedom, His Cosmic Authority, Supply, and Protection, automatically surging with His Freedom for all.

I have never said much about Those who came with Me; but We are a group who took the Responsibility of standing guard and drawing whatever Increasing Action of the Cosmic Flame of Victory is required, until It is completed throughout the Earth and your Beloved Saint Germain’s Cosmic Victory is the Great, Great Song of the “I AM” Music of the Spheres – which means the Freedom of the Earth from all that has been of human qualities in the past.

Thank God the Cycle has arrived wherein these things can be permitted; but since Saint Germain is Lord of the Violet Flame to the Earth, and the moment strikes for the cleansing by that Violet Flame of all that has not been of the Light in the past, then the Order of Victory is at hand; and the Cleansing Process is but a matter of continued Application, until the Momentum reaches a point wherein between two seconds the Light surges in Its Final Wave, and the human is no more!

Acknowledge My Cosmic Power of Cosmic Victory as often as you can. Apply It as many times in your waking consciousness as you can remember during the next thirty days; so every wave of Acknowledgment which comes to Me, I may amplify into a worldwide Ocean of My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory. As It surges and surges and surges, It binds back into its cause, that which has opposed the Perfection of the Divine Plan throughout the centuries, and particularly at this hour; so It may wash from America all that has sought to contaminate Her people.

Remember, in your Calls, acknowledge: “‘I AM’ America’s Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, and Her Light blazes to the annihilation of all else forever”, because America’s Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory means the Expansion of the Unfed Flame from within Her Heart, until It enfolds the Earth, and the sinister force has been compelled into the compound, until it is dissolved from the Universe!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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