understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now another most important reason for My Coming and concentrating on this in this Class is because there is such a rapidly increasing activity of mankind’s energy – through the atmosphere of Earth – that you’re going to have to have certain concentration of the Guarding Flame from the Angelic Host, in order to hold certain Order and Balance and Control of the atmosphere over your Land, or over any nation in the world.

Since mankind has invented the airplane and the atomic bombs and that sort of thing, individuals are filling the atmosphere with more and more destructive rates of vibration. Many of these return upon those who sent them out, and they are paying the price right along. And anyone who comes into a stream of that destructively qualified energy is subject to it – unless individuals know this Law and consciously command the Protection that is required to avoid disaster.

And that is one reason that it is so important for all of you to be aware of a Sun Presence of the Guarding Flame of the Angelic Host about you that forever holds Protection against anything and everything that is destructive. This protects not only what you might call the physical side of yourselves, this protects the mind and the feeling and your atmosphere against intrusion of those destructive activities thrown off by the rest of mankind, that are the source of tragedy, desecration, and destruction.

And those of you who understand this Law can render tremendous assistance through your Decree for this to which I have referred. And if I were you, if you want to serve the Nation, ask that the atmosphere itself over the whole Nation be filled with the Protecting Flame of the Angelic Host that repels and consumes anything and everything that is of destruction against that which is of God. 

If you enter into this, you will find It clearing the way before you; and It will also take out of the mental and feeling world about you the fear and uncertainty that are the general radiation of the masses of the people. This is of Infinite Benefit and Blessing and Protection to you all. It not only surrounds you as an Insulation to protect you, but It carries within that Flame of Love the Directing Intelligence and Illumination and Power of Action to keep removed from your atmosphere the destructive things under which you have struggled in the past.

So Blessed Ones, you have no idea what this will do for you in a short time – as you remember to do it several times a day. Do it in the morning. Do it at night, and a time or two in the middle of the day when you have a few moments. Just give it recognition and ask your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Angelic Host to establish that Sun Presence around you and your world – of Their Protecting Flame – and hold It there for Eternity. Then as you go forward, there will always be a Guard about you. There will always be a Presence whose Directing Intelligence will bless you, for Eternity.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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