understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now in the correction of conditions of the outer world that are destructive, there are Legions of the Angelic Host who direct the Activities of Blue Lightning as well as the Violet Flame – as well as every Activity of the Sacred Fire. And therefore, when you need to send forth into a national condition, or a world condition, more Power to hold the Victory of the Light, fail not to remember that the Angelic Host who direct the Blue Ray and the Blue Lightning of Cosmic Annihilation are ever ready, and through your Calls will set into action these Activities of which They are Master.

Much of this must be done, Beloved Ones, before the Final Cleansing of the Earth takes place. The Angelic Host never use anything but the Sacred Fire Power of the Great Love from the Heart of Creation. Now whether those who are the Angelic Host be Ascended Beings or not makes no difference, because all use the Action of the Sacred Fire that is Life’s Love to produce Perfection.

So when you call for the Angelic Host’s Guarding Flame of Invincible Protection, you will find many times conditions around you changing suddenly for your benefit, your protection, and the Protection of that which is constructive. Now you need this not only around yourselves, but you need this in the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements – in your plant life. Wherever you choose to bring forth something lovely to bless yourselves and others, you need the Guarding Presence of the Sacred Fire from the Angelic Host. And the more of the Legions of the Angels that can come into the lower atmosphere of Earth, the cleaner the atmosphere will be.

Therefore, the Purification of the conditions in the atmosphere of Earth can be brought about powerfully and quickly as the Angelic Host are called into action to govern them. Then much of the destruction that goes on every day in outer world conditions will simply be neutralized, and that destruction does not go ahead and produce what was intended.

There are many, many Blessings to come out of this; and We are hoping you will all love to feel the Companionship and the Association of the Angelic Host in Their closer contact – with those who will welcome Them into outer conditions to, more quickly, purify and correct them. (applause). Thank you, Precious Ones.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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