Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 337

“I wish I might part the veil this hour in the atmosphere of Earth and show you what the Cosmic Victory of Light means. I wish I might show you the Momentum of the Light which is My Momentum of Cosmic Victory. I wish I might show you the Intensity of that Light from Venus, which I drew to the Earth to bring the Anchorage of My Cosmic Momentum of Victory onto this Planet; so Its Radiance might go forth and draw within Its Heart, the Life Streams who truly wanted the Light.

Therefore, you have much to give in the Acknowledgment of My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory. Through It, you can blaze into your fellowman and into the outer world’s conditions, the Cosmic Power and Action of the Sacred Fire which is now Mine! In addition to that, you have the Power which I have drawn from Venus and anchored within the Earth; and you also have the Assistance of the Cosmic Legions of Victory Supreme! Therefore, you have three Mighty Streams of Assistance without any limitation whatsoever, which you can draw into anything – or anywhere you choose to direct Them.

You have all that I offer from My own Life Stream of Victory! You have the Power from the Planet Venus which knows only Happiness, Victory, and the Authority of Cosmic Love! You have the Assistance of the Angelic Host and the Legions of Victory from the other Planets of this System – because that which is of the Light and that which maintains the Victory of the Light throughout this System of Worlds, are One with My Cosmic Legions of Cosmic Victory; and They have, especially the Angels of Victory, known naught but Victory.

Some of Them have been in human embodiment, but many have never touched the discord of Earth and have never known what a feeling of failure was! Some of the Angelic Host have been created with the Focus of Power and Victory which moves into outer action Cosmic Perfection of such Magnificence, that They know naught else. They know no opposition! They live within the Focus of that Cosmic Flame and know naught of what abides outside.

They are the Legions I am calling into action, and to whom I am directing your attention, so Their Power may come forth through your Acknowledgment in the next thirty days and help hold you protected – to hold the balance in America, and to move forward Saint Germain’s Freedom for the Victory of all.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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