understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know, many times, when you’ve been in a warm room where the air is not too fresh, and you step outdoors into the sunshine and the fresh air, you know how wonderful you feel; and you wonder why you didn’t go out sooner. Well, We wonder too why mankind doesn’t come, (laughter), into our World sooner. And I assure you, as you begin to love the Angelic Host, ask for Their Presence with you, command that everything in you and your world dwell within the World – the Sacred Fire World of the Angelic Host – you will have that same feeling of refreshing atmosphere and exhilaration that you have when you step out into a bright sunshine day with the clear atmosphere, with the breeze blowing; and you feel so good to get out and exercise in that fresh air.

I assure you, My Loved Ones, your mental and feeling world will feel that same refreshing exhilaration as you remember to demand everything in your being and world now be sealed within the Sacred Fire World of the Angelic Host, wherein at all times you may receive the Strength, the refreshing Exhilaration that the Sacred Fire alone can give.

And if you love to live in that World, you will not forget It. If you decide to live within It, and remember to call It in and around yourselves, you will find the Angelic Host abiding with you in that World. And I think that’s very great Wisdom at this time. (applause). Thank you so much.

Now for the Protection of your Loved Ones, all that you hold near and dear, whether it be individuals or things or conditions of the Love and the Light that is your Power to become Free, charge always the World of the Sacred Fire in and around all that you want to bless. And then ask Legions of the Angelic Host to hold Their Sacred Fire Protection about that which you wish to send as a Blessing, and around all that you hold near and dear to accomplish the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan.

Now if I were you, I would apply this to the Nation as well as to your own individual worlds. And if you call for the Cosmic Legions of Invincible Victory and Eternal Protection to protect the God Instruments of your Country that guarantee you Freedom – the God Blessings within your borders that give you always the Perfection of God – then Limitless Legions of the Angelic Host’s Invincible Power of the Sacred Fire and Cosmic Christ Illumination, can come within the Land and within the people until they are aroused to the point where they turn Godward and make conscious effort to reach up to the greater Perfection of Life, and receive the Blessing by which they may have Eternal Freedom.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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