understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“And now, since there are great Groups of the Angelic Host directed by Cosmic Beings abiding above every nation in the world, seeking always to bring forth Perfection wherever possible, mankind needs to understand the constant effort Life makes to bring Help that raises all Life out of mankind’s frightful, human creation.

So Blessed Ones, We are very grateful for the recognition you give Us. And while all mankind has within it, existing within Life naturally, some awareness of the Angelic Host, yet individuals are not taught to call the Angelic Host, by which close association can take place in the daily Life of the people everywhere.

Of course, I have been portrayed in many ways, and I admit My Cosmic Sword of Blue Flame has been quite busy in answering the Calls that have come to Me. But there are Legions who wield the Sword of Blue Flame and draw other Activities of the Sacred Fire and could come to help all mankind be released, if the people would awaken and place the attention of the outer self – with Love in the feelings – upon the Angelic Host. I assure you; you have no concept of the Power of the Sacred Fire that the Angelic Host direct and by which they are surrounded. So, in coming to your assistance tonight, it is with the hope that I may charge in and around you the Angelic Host’s World of the Sacred Fire.

Love predominates as the Cosmic Christ Control, and I assure you, the World in which the Angelic Host abide is magnificent beyond description. Therefore, I want your world, your individual world, to now be filled with the Sacred Fire of the World of the Angelic Host. And if you will accept this and remember It often enough to love It, I assure you, the Action of the Great Central Sun Magnet will draw It into your outer use, will enfold you in Its Magnificent Perfection; and the veils between you and the Angelic Host will have disappeared. So let Us consume the veils tonight. (applause). Thank you Precious Ones.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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