Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 333

“You should realize just how close you are to Victory, because your Victory and My Victory are One! You cannot divide Light! My Legions are the Angels of Victory and wield Power that none on Earth have ever seen! Mankind have had a slight glimpse occasionally of a Fragment of Their Action, but none have seen My Cosmic Legions of Cosmic Victory in Full Action in the atmosphere of Earth.

That is why I wish you to call into action for the next thirty days, and I ask you to draw by your Conscious Call into the physical octave of Earth, the Full Cosmic Action of My Cosmic Legions of the Angels of Victory. And may the atmosphere become so charged with Their Light, and the Powers of Light blaze and rarefy the atmosphere of Earth to the point where mankind see those flashes of Light and are compelled to their knees – until they know from whence the Mighty Powers of this Universe come, until they know the Power and Authority of that which is Greater than themselves!

Call the Full Cosmic Action of My Cosmic Legions of the Angels of Cosmic Victory into the atmosphere of Earth, to quell and to prevent anything which would bring revolution into America, attempt to cause destruction within Her borders, or create hatred of part of her people against others who belong here also.

Call My Cosmic Legions of the Angels of Cosmic Victory into your business, into your homes, into your affairs, and around your loved ones; and I shall show you that the Powers of Light never forget Their own. My Cosmic Legions of the Angels of Victory and Cosmic Victory to the Earth have weapons ye know not of. They wield Powers with which mankind cannot cope and are Authority in the Activity of Light that none can defy.

Please do not forget the Sacred Fire is part of My Activity on Earth! “I AM” the Cosmic Action of that Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, of Cosmic Forgiveness, and Cosmic Victory; and while My Victory of the Sacred Fire can be as gentle as a summer breeze, yet, if need be, don’t forget that the Victory which must come by Power of Lightning can also stand in the atmosphere instantly manifest at My Command!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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