understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you call forth the Angels of the Protecting Flame to ever abide not only around you, but around localities or things that need protecting, there are Unlimited Legions that can be called into Action in an instant, to flash the Sacred Fire that stands like steel around a locality or condition – or a thing even. And that Sacred Fire enfolding whatever you want protected becomes like an electrical forcefield.

We can charge that so intensely with Power that it will repel destructive forces just the same as a high-powered electrical wire. When you get a strong electrical current, it repels, doesn’t it, those who touch it – either repels them or consumes them. And I want you to feel that the Sacred Fire which the Angelic Host draw around people or conditions for Protection is heavily charged with a Repellent Force to that which is wrong, because wrong cannot come through Their Sacred Fire. I assure you, when We establish – many times like a Wing of Flame around a person or a condition, that Wing stands there; and when that is once drawn into outer action, It stays there until We withdraw It.

So, if there is temporary Protection required, these Flames can be established by the Angelic Host until certain Work is accomplished. And those who perform that Service are held guarded by the Angelic Host until the Victory is attained – whether that be for the individual or the Nation, or the world.

These are tremendous Legions, My Dear Ones, of the Sacred Fire, who move throughout this whole System of Worlds, expanding that Sacred Fire, drawing It here, establishing Its Perfection, placing It somewhere else, until They build into outer Manifestation the Outpicturing of the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

Therefore, those of you who are, through your Love to the Light and your Decrees, working for the Protection of your Nation and that which is constructive throughout the world, you little dream, My Dear Ones, how much the Angelic Host automatically love you because of your Service to the Light. And that is what makes Them constantly receptive and in touch with your requirements, because you are an Open Door through your Calls by which They accomplish the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

So tonight, if there are conditions – which there are, within your Nation and your government – that need both correction and Protection, the Angelic Host are going to be needed within your borders in as powerful a way as you can call forth. And in your coming political turmoil, you will require the Angelic Host, I assure you, to keep the atmosphere clear enough for people to think correctly. And if I were you, I would certainly call the Legions of the Angelic Host who direct the Cosmic Fire of Cosmic Christ Illumination, Inner and outer, to charge that Illumination, through the masses of the people now – before your elections take place.

That’s what they require, My Dear Ones. The masses of the people are confused. They’ve been so betrayed, they do not know who to trust. So if you will call forth the Sacred Fire of Cosmic Illumination to protect them so they know clearly the right thing to do, and then the Sacred Fire gives them the Strength to do it, you help to settle the chaos. You give the Protection to those who are standing for that which is right, and you weaken the plans of that which is wrong. So may I say, you should make this year an Angelic Year! (applause). Thank you Precious Ones.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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