Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 328

“There is no use in accepting or acknowledging anything but the Victory of Light! I wish to charge you this morning with Our Positive Feeling of the Inevitable Victory of the Light; and if you will take your unshakable Stand not to acknowledge anything except the Victory of the Light which produces Perfection for you and through you, then you give me the Greatest Power and Opening through which to act! 

That enables all the Powers of Light to amplify everything which goes forth from you, with Their Cosmic Victory as well as Mine! It but takes your continued acceptance, your continued acknowledgement of Victory, to bring that into outer manifestation in the physical conditions around you.

If your limitations have come by your continued acknowledgment that, “I have been this and I have been that, and I am this kind of distress and I am that kind of distress” – if your acknowledgment of those conditions has brought you into the limitations of today, then your acknowledgment of My Presence, of My Victory, of My Legions, of My Authority, of My Cosmic Power, of My Cosmic Love, of My Cosmic Forgiveness, of My Cosmic Victory, must as inevitably manifest in the Fullness of My Perfection, as your limitations have manifested, in which you have been enmeshed for centuries. 

Everything to which you direct your attention can be changed with the Cosmic Flame of My Cosmic Victory, and those Ascended Master Qualities which have brought Me My Victory for so long.

The Cosmic Currents have been reversed some months ago, in regard to the conditions of the outer world. Some of you have noticed that. The outer world has awakened to a great deal within the last year! Now it but remains for the people to take their stand and acknowledge that which they want – in order to open the gates wide for the Onrush of whatever Cosmic Power and Assistance is necessary to change conditions in the physical octave into the Perfection, which was once here, and shall come again!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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