understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved of My Heart, tonight I bring you, from the Heights of Cosmic Power, again, the Assistance of those of the Angelic Host who love you so greatly – and some of whom you know very well. I wish to remind you tonight that those of the “I AM” Students who have attained the Ascension, are Members of the Angelic Host now. (applause). Thank you Precious Ones.

If those are some of your loved ones, your love holds you very close to Them. And so the Angels are with you far more than you understand – many, many times. As you go forward in the use of this greater Love and Power of Purity of the Sacred Fire, automatically there will come awareness of the Angelic Host, and Their Assistance to you in your outer affairs, because They come into the atmosphere of Earth, Beloved Ones, to bring the Sacred Fire that does change physical conditions, and that does bring the heaven on earth that is contained within the Sacred Fire.

So, as you remember Their Presence with you, and Their Service to the Earth, you automatically will become more and more aware of Their Assistance in your outer affairs. Now They are waiting, and have for a long time waited and waited for wayward mankind to reach up and keep the Door open, whereby the Angelic Host could pour the Sacred Fire continuously enough to be the River of Perfection; whereby, the outer world conditions are drawn into that Sacred Fire for both Purification and Perfecting.

Now in the Healing which They offer to the people of Earth – it comes of course, always through the use of the Sacred Fire. And Their Love directs that unmistakably to those who reach to Them for Assistance. But regardless of how much They offer, if you will train the outer self to reach to the “Mighty I AM Presence” first, and then to the Healing Angels or the Protecting Angels, Groups of those Special Activities of the Sacred Fire can be drawn in and around you in many conditions, Beloved Ones, that not only protect you; but They will draw Protection around those in the outer world who require that Protection and are trying to hold to the Light the best they know how.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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