understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Angelic Host are your Guardians quite as well as your “Beloved I AM Presence”. And may I say to you, your “Beloved I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Bodies hold Their Eternal Mastery of Victorious Power over everything in this world, by that Flame of Love from the Great Central Sun. If you choose to make the outer self of each one Its Victorious Commanding Presence – Its Cosmic Law in Action in the physical world – then all that It contains within Its Heart will unfold to you; and you will find in your outer use more than you can ever use in this world.

All Powers are within that Flame of Love from the Angelic Host, and Their Service is Love alone. If you wish to become like Them, you too must become the Flame and Service of Love alone – that Love from the Central Sun that is All of All, ever-expanding for Eternity.

So, when there is a lack of anything in your world, stop a moment and realize, it is the lack of this Flame of Love that produces a condition that distresses you. As you call this Flame into action to take its place, command that Flame of Our Immortal Love to become for you the thing that you require to go forward happily and fulfill the Great Divine Plan the Ascended Masters’ Way.

Precious Ones, if responsibility seem to weigh heavily upon you, please conquer that feeling. Your Light couldn’t expand if you don’t take responsibility. There is no other way to enable the Light within to ever grow brighter except as you draw It forth in use. And if you don’t have responsibility, you won’t use It. The outer self is just built that way. It will not let that Light expand unless it carries responsibility.

So, if you are carrying responsibility, it’s a consolation to know that while you are carrying it, it forces you to draw forth from your “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host, these Greater Powers of Life which enable your Light to become so bright, that one day It bursts into the Eternal Flame and takes you into the Ascension.

May the Great Legions of the Violet Consuming Flame – the Angels of the Violet Consuming Flame – attend you now with Love, the Purity, the Forgiveness which you require to enable you to go forward with happiness, with contentment, and with that feeling of Victorious Control over every condition that tries to disturb you because it is not Love.

Only that which is opposed to Love can cause you disturbance; therefore, if disturbance appears, just make up your mind that your main business in Life – day by day, hour by hour, and moment by moment – is to command this Flame to come forth in outer physical action, and become for you the Mastery of Perfection. And the Cosmic Law of that Immortal Love becomes the Controlling Authority of the outer world. And Love – that Love – is the fulfilling of the Law. When you become that Law in action, all things will obey you; all good will seek you; all things will bless you, because through that Love they will become the Greater Perfection and Happiness that is the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan for all.

I commend to you Its Glorious Presence, to Its Great Divine Peace, to Its Everlasting Healing Power, and to Its Purity that will call forth from the Heights of Creation, all the Illumination you’ll ever require to take you through anything and make you successful, victorious, the master over all that would seek to obstruct your way.

May My Legions of Immortal Love – whose Flame is Eternal Existence – bear to you Their Cosmic Gifts, and flood you with Miracles without limit, until you know the Truth of the Words I have spoken tonight; and They have become for you, Living Flames in your world to produce Perfection that forever sets all Free. Thank you, and good night.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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