Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 320

“Dear People, when individuals are willing to give their Life for their fellowman, it is the Greatest Gift in Life. These Messengers who for five years have been giving their Life to you, to America and the World – asking not a dime, asking not one single thing for themselves, not even asking Us to sustain them in health or supply – they have depended upon their own Application and Call to the “I AM Presence” of Life for their health, their strength, their limitless energy, and the Power which they wield today. So I say to you, be kind enough to yourselves to speak well of this “I AM” Activity.

Remember the opportunity which is before you! This Law of Life is before you! You have heard the Messengers say this a number of times, but I say to you: instead of handing It to you on a Golden Platter, a Free Gift of Life, it is a Jeweled Container which hands to you the Freedom of Life!

I once invited the Beloved Students into My Garden. Do you think that means just a place of beautiful shrubbery? Oh no, that means a Place of the Jewels of Perfection in the Attainment of Life, which you may observe while your bodies sleep! So, you may come to me and see for yourselves, and if you so decree it, retain the Memory on your return. Then tell Me on your return whether I am Real or not! I offer you the opportunity!

The World is returning, Beloved Ones, to the Glory of God, and in that Glory has found Its Scepter, the Words “I AM”. No wonder individuals now and then sought the World over for the explanation of those two Words; but when they did attain that Explanation, they were no longer of the World, and mankind soon saw them no more!

Notice, your Beloved Messengers came to know the Power of those Words and chose to remain here and assist you. Do you not think it is time for them to no longer battle with mankind to carry to them the Truth? Do you not think it is time that is finished? I think so, and if you will observe, you will see with Me that is quite right!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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