understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Become acquainted with the Great Immortal Fire of the Angelic Host’s Eternal Love. Demand that your world become now, a Sun of Its Victorious Presence, filled with the fullness of every good thing and charged with Immortal Freedom to enable you to go forth and give to a world the Sunshine of the Love of the Angelic Host. Now this sounds like it was in the vernacular, but it isn’t. I’m going to ask you, wouldn’t you like to be, each of you, an understudy to an Angel? Had you ever thought of that? (applause – audience rising). Thank you, Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated please.

I won’t keep you much longer, but may I make it clear to you tonight, that only the Angels can teach you what the Angels know. Only they know the Power of the Sacred Fire of Their Love. You cannot get that Knowledge of Their Power or the Flame of Their Love from anywhere except Them, for every Cosmic Being is an Angel. Every Ascended Master is an Angel. You may become one too someday, (laughter). I hope it’s soon! But you do not have to make your Ascension in order to become the user of some of the Powers and the Qualities and the Flames of Our Love. You may practice the use of these Flames while yet unascended, and thus you will become more efficient after your Ascension.

So, from tonight, won’t you make your world a Sun of the Victorious Love of the Angelic Host; and demand Their Presence with you, that the Flame of Their Love may enter into your business affairs, protect all that is constructive, make you Victorious over every limitation, and help you to fulfill the Divine Plan in Its Ever-expanding Happiness of Perfection’s Flame.

As I said to you before, I am quite partial to the Angelic Host; and I expect I’ll always remain so. I have guarded – a great many times I have consumed unspeakable creations; and yet I use only one thing: the Flame of Immortal Love from the Great Central Sun whose Power is beyond anything in this whole system of worlds, to manifest. So, I am not offering you lightly, a Gift of such tremendous Power and Import.

And may I say to you tonight, the most important thing in your daily existence, the most important thing for every one of you every instant while you yet remain unascended, is your continuous, momentary, conscious, constant use of the Immortal Flame of Cosmic Christ Love – first from your “Beloved I AM Presence”, then from the Angelic Host and the Cosmic Beings’ Great Octave of Life – until wherever you move, your world is that Perfection, ever pouring forth Its Freedom to all. And you will never be free from disturbance until you have called this Flame of Immortal Love into yourselves, to make you Its Mastery over all that is not Love.”

Beloved Archangel Michael

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