Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 301

“Beloved Ones, try to feel Our Joy and Enthusiasm, Our Power and Strength which We are endeavoring to charge into your world with Our Infinite Power of Action to give you Our Strength, Our Dominion, Our Courage! Beloved Ones, there is not one thing can stand before you as you call that Mighty “I AM” Power forth into action. Just get that Strength and Determination in your feelings and let Me anchor It there! In all this Great Power of Divine Love and Gratitude which you release, I say, you can sweep everything aside! It is the Dominion of the Earth! We have not felt it wise, or Saint Germain has not, to bring much of this to your attention; but I tell you the achievement is very great.

There are several magnificent films out showing how the courage of the people is arising as one man with great determination; and as it fires others into action to put down wrong, it has succeeded in a comparatively short time. That is why I say to you, it is the Law absolutely! That is why I say, if the “I AM” Students over America will be determined to put down all vicious reports against this “I AM” Activity, it will go down almost overnight; and it is so with every condition in your America today. When the feeling of the people arises with determination that a thing shall cease, it will cease!

Dear People, your determination is the outer action of the Inner Will of your “Mighty I AM Presence” of Life! Please do not forget that Precious Ones, for an hour. Then, when anyone says to you, “I am determined”, My Dear Ones, you have no idea what that does over America. You have no idea, unless you saw from Our Standpoint, how in your Contemplation Groups the Strength, the Energy, and Power have gone forth, and how much it has done in the maintaining of Harmony in those Classes.

As We have been calling your attention to these things, in your “I AM” Contemplation Groups and otherwise in this Activity, it stirs a great determination in you; and after all, is that not what is needed today? Is it not a great determination you need all the time, in meeting conditions which arise before you?” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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