understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you think of the consuming of conditions that mankind has generated that are of impurity and discord, as you ask always for the consuming of the condition, fail not to ask the Cosmic Law of Sacred Fire Love to take the cause of those conditions out of the universe, that they may never again touch any part of Life. The Great Ones down through the ages – the Angels of Healing, the Angels of Purity, the Angels of Love and Protection – have consumed and consumed and consumed mankind’s human creation.

Now those of you who understand this Law, by Conscious Command have full authority to demand the removal from the Earth at this time of the cause of everything that produces human creation. Your Call will enable the Cosmic Law to act more quickly because you, as part of unascended mankind, are the authority to demand the removal of everything that is not the Fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan of the Perfection for this world. And as you call for this in the outer world conditions, you yourselves must automatically become the Fulfillment of that Divine Plan.

Wherever you abide, this Sacred Fire Love and the Angels who pour It forth to this world will be with you, will be the Power you may use, will be the Guardians of that which you are responsible for controlling. They will be your daily Companions if you so desire! (applause). Thank you so much.

When you realize how much the Great Love of the Universe has given into manifestation; when you realize what Courage there is within Life; when you realize what Perfection there is that you may bring into existence in this world, you will understand that to consciously call forth, feel, command, use, direct, and expand into everybody and everything you contact the Great Central Sun’s Ascended Master Heart Flame of Sacred Fire Love – and call the Angels of Sacred Fire Love to hold Control and Victory in everything you call forth in the physical octave – you will find all the blessings you desire sustained.

The Divine Plan fulfilled will automatically begin to be built into this world that makes it one day the Perfection of the Ascended Masters’ Octave. It doesn’t make any difference, Dear Ones of the Light, it doesn’t make any difference what has to be corrected in this world. The only One, Eternal, All-Masterful Presence that is forever expanding Perfection – It must be recognized and used and loved and called into this world, and It is forever the Sacred Fire Love, which is the Victory of the Ascended Master Consciousness.”

Beloved Mary

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