understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Each one of the Ascended Masters – over the many years past and in every Dictation – We have given again and again and again, the reminder to the intellect, to the feeling, of the Magnitude of the Power of this Fire, this Sacred Fire Love, the Heart Flame from the Great Central Sun. You have been reminded of the Fire Breath of the Almighty! That is the Power of this Sacred Fire Love that is in the very atmosphere of Earth. And that Atmosphere you must have if you are going to live!

So, if Perfection is going to live in you; if Perfection is going to be in the world around you, then that Heart Flame of Sacred Fire Love from the Angels of the Sacred Fire, as well as the Ascended Host – many of whom are those Angels – that must live in you. The Sacred Fire of the Angels of Sacred Fire Love must come into you. And as It enters into you and makes you feel Its Peace, Its Purity, Its Love, and Its Almighty Power, that which has been an obstruction to the Perfection you desire, you will find has been dissolved and consumed.

The Fulfillment of the Divine Plan begins to manifest in the physical world around you because the Life of the Angels of Sacred Fire Love has come to Earth to produce It. Once you understand how Great is this Power, you will come and dwell in the Powerhouse of Life, the Powerhouse of your “Beloved I AM Presence”, the Powerhouse of the Ascended Masters’ Great Temples of the Sacred Fire, all of which are the Concentration of the Sacred Fire Love from the Great Central Sun.

That Love contains every Quality, every Power to produce Perfect Manifestation, make It Immortal, compel Its Expansion, protect It without limit, and send forth Its Beauty, Its Blessing, Its Power, and Its Perfection – Its Happiness and Peace for Eternity – to every particle of Life.

To become that and use that Power in this world while you are yet unascended is that which We are trying to bring to the “I AM” Student Body for use now, because your Nation needs It! (applause). Thank you so much, Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated, please, and just remain so.”

Beloved Mary

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