Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quot 302

“It would be so wonderful if you could just feel in an emergency – for instance in a financial requirement, the very first thing you feel is, “Oh my, I need more of the ‘I AM Presence’; that is what is the matter.” You see, it would be glorious if you could just do that! The first thing, remind yourselves, “Oh my goodness, what I need is more of the ‘I AM Presence’ right now. Then as you made your Calls, you would be amazed at the result, because you must school yourselves, Beloved Ones, to know that in all emergencies and conditions, it is more of the “I AM Presence” you need. That includes your financial supply, your strength, your courage, your energy, and the outpouring of Divine Love which keeps everything Harmonious, which lets the Power of Life do Its Perfect Work without interruption.

To show how you cannot depend upon appearances, let Me tell you something: A few minutes ago, it did not look like the release I was requiring was going to come at all; and I said: “That appearance is not True! It cannot be.” And now the Release comes! See how you cannot afford to accept that discordant appearances are real! Had I accepted that appearance, after I released certain Powers and there was not the immediate Response, I would not have been able to render the Service; but when I said to that appearance, “It is not True”, then came the Release. 

So often, Beloved Ones, if you only say to those appearances which are less than Perfection – which seem limiting: “You just run along! You cannot scare me! You have no Power!” Then you will stop all acceptance of these appearances in your world.

Often during the day, even if there were no apparent reason for it, at least once an hour – and even if you cannot speak it out, then for a moment, silently say, “Oh, you appearance world, you have no power to touch me.” Gain that Mighty Momentum, Beloved Ones, so it keeps the discordant action of the appearance world repelled from you and your world.

That is how you can stand as the Supreme Power in your own individual world, release your Service to the Light, and use all the Power which you wish to release.” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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