understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So, Beloved Ones, regardless of what the world needs this hour, the only need is the Sacred Fire’s Love that is the Authority and Purity and Power that just takes out of existence the discord that has been created. Mankind has densified discord into substance so long and with such terrific hate, that no unascended being can realize how much energy has been qualified and concentrated into the destructive conditions of the world.

But anyone can understand Our Ascended Master Consciousness! Everyone can understand Our Feeling of the Sacred Fire Love that is Powerful enough to consume human creation – consume hate, consume discord, consume impurity – just the same as you can take a searchlight and project into a darkened room and do that which you cannot do without that Light.

Therefore, each of you should be an Open Door, and may I say, a Searchlight of the Cosmic Sacred Fire Love from the Ascended Masters’ Octave to keep pouring into this world, keep pouring into discord everywhere, the Illumining Presence of the Sacred Fire Love from the Ascended Masters’ Octave.

That Illumining Presence can be a Light Ray or a Flame – or It can be the Presence of an Angel; for I assure you, the Angels of Love pour forth that Sacred Fire Beauty, Power, and Perfection without limit with such Terrific Force that They can silence into annihilation, everything of human creation everywhere They go. Just like the Searchlight compels the darkness to cease to be and the shadows to disappear, so can the Love from the Healing Angels, so can the Power and the Victory of the Angels of Sacred Fire Love pour Their Sacred Fire into a condition. And wherever that is poured human creation is gone. It ceases to be! It is consumed by that Almighty Power from the Great Central Sun.

So, from tonight, I trust you will feel the Presence of the Healing Angels of Sacred Fire Love, not only in and around yourselves when you need Them; but call forth Their Presence into every condition of impurity. They do not take on the impurity! They are the Flame that moves in there the annihilation of the impurity. This is the Power Supreme, Power of which mankind does not even dream. Otherwise, We could not have performed the Miracles We have all down through the centuries, in answer to mankind’s Call.”

Beloved Mary

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