understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Precious Beloved Hearts of the Love from the Heart of Creation! We come tonight to again intensify as much of that Sacred Fire in the lower atmosphere of Earth as possible at this time. We want you all to feel the nearness of Our Presence, because it is in your feeling world that We must render the Greatest Service possible to help you.

It is in the emotional bodies of the people that the Love is needed, because the intellect cannot love. All the intellect can do – except in the sense that it creates pictures of Perfection and enjoys the picturing of Perfection; and that is, of course, an action of Love – but the intense Power of the Sacred Fire Love of the Universe is in the emotional body, through the Heart.

The Love that pours forth from the permanent atom in the Heart as It fills the emotional body is the Ever-Expanding Sacred Fire Power from the Heart of the Great Central Sun. That Heart Flame is in the Higher Mental Body, the Electronic Presence. It fills the Causal Body. It is each one’s Life Stream’s Eternal Perfection, Authority, and Power of Life to produce manifestation. So, when you need anything constructive in the physical world, try to feel that if you desire to produce constructive manifestation, you must let the Heart Flame come forth and flow into it, in order to release the Divine Pattern by which the Perfection can be created.

In the Healing Service which We give to Life, there is always the Enfolding Heart Flame of Our Love; and as It enfolds the Life Stream of those whom We assist, the Heart Flame of each Life Stream absorbs Our Heart Flame’s Love, and that becomes the Powerhouse of the individual to hold more closely to the constructive way of Life.

When great Healing Power is needed for many people or individuals, there must always be some Outpouring of the Sacred Fire Love – from not only the individual’s “Mighty I AM Presence”, but from the Ascended Master’s Octave. Everything that mankind needs to have done in this world to bring about the Purification and the Perfection of Life, must be the Flow of the Sacred Fire of Our Love into this world.

Now you who move in outer world physical conditions are in the same relationship to the conditions of this world that We are to your world. Therefore, what needs to be corrected must be the Release of the Sacred Fire Love from the Great Central Sun, through the Call of unascended beings.

We can love the world, and We have loved the world, and wherever We have poured forth Our Love, Manifestations of Perfection have occurred and blessed Life, have been sustained, and are ever expanding their constructive action to raise all Life to greater Perfection. But each unascended person must remember that the Cosmic Law that gives the Life from the Great Central Sun into the use of the individual, expects the individual to pour forth that same Heart Flame of Love, wherever manifestation occurs.”

Beloved Mary

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