isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter ii (sorcery)

“Having conceded so much, we will now ask of any impartial person; is it possible to believe at the same time that the power given to the exorcist-priest, that supreme and divine power of which he boasts, has been given to him by God for the purpose of deceiving people? That the prayer pronounced by him in the name of Christ, and which, forcing the demon into submission, makes him reveal himself, is calculated at the same time to make the devil confess not the truth, but that only which it is the interest of the church to which the exorcist belongs, should pass for truth? And this is what invariably happens.

Compare, for instance, the responses given by the demon to Luther, with those obtained from the devils by St. Dominick. The one argues against the private mass and upbraids Luther with placing the Virgin Mary and saints before Christ, and thus dishonoring the Son of God; while the demons exorcised by St. Dominick, upon seeing the Virgin whom the holy father had also evoked to help him, roar out: “Oh, our enemy! Oh, our damner! Why didst thou descend from heaven to torment us? Why art thou so powerful an intercessor for sinners! Oh, thou most certain and secure way to heaven…thou commandest us and we are forced to confess that nobody is damned who only perseveres in the holy worship, etc., etc.”

Luther’s “Saint Satan” assures him that while believing in the transubstantiation of Christ’s body and blood, he had been worshipping merely bread and wine; and the devils of all the Catholic saints promise eternal damnation to whomsoever disbelieves, or even so much as doubts the dogma!”

H. P. Blavatsky

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