Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 299

“Remember, in the correction of all conditions, just pour forth the Mighty Power of the Light Rays into them; but do not be discordant and do not feel angry, critical, or condemnatory to individuals who may be lending themselves to wrong activity! You pile more upon them of that from which you are calling to be free!

For instance, let us take this illustration for the moment – the politicians in your city and country. Well, a lot of them are wholly destructive – there is no use mincing words about that. But if you are angry, critical, or condemnatory because they do things which create injustice, well, you are just frustrating your Mighty Call for the correction of the whole thing. Your feeling must go forth in order to do this – if it goes forth with a kindly feeling, it releases the Full Power of the Light in Its Purity and Perfection to go forth with Its Almighty Power, to render the Service.

Suppose you are calling a Light Ray forth from your “I AM Presence” – that does not touch you, does it? However, suppose at the same time, a very intense feeling is going forth from you, of condemnation or whatever it might be concerning that condition. Do you know your very intense feeling will go out? And as these separate feelings go forth, they will meet somewhere before they reach that individual because they are both focused upon the same point, and they have to come together before they reach their destination.

Now that is how a lot of discord and repellent activities have been released by the feelings of individuals, when their Call would have brought the immediate answer otherwise.

Your Light Ray goes forth from the “I AM Presence”; your feeling goes forth here, (at the stomach). But somewhere before they meet their objective, they must come together, because they were both called into action by you! Do you see that? It is tremendous! That is why you cannot afford, in your great desire for the Full Power of response to your Application, to let human qualities act!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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