understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now there’s one more thing. From the outer self’s standpoint of the feeling world, it’s not easy when people are discordant and imposing downright discord upon you, to call Divine Love to bless them. We appreciate that, but if you will still yourselves first; fill yourselves with Our Hearts’ Flame of Sacred Fire Love; and ask Us to wrap the other individual or the condition in Our Hearts’ Flame of Sacred Fire Love – as you call It into yourselves, first of all you disconnect your own Life energy from the condition. And if you ask Us to wrap the condition in Our Sacred Fire’s Love, We can do It! That Sacred Fire Love will change the condition when you in the emotional body, because of your own feeling world, cannot do it.

I do not mean that you shouldn’t try; but if you’ll only realize that the Sacred Fire Love from an Ascended Master’s Heart is the Master Control of manifestation in this world, you will hold yourselves filled with that. You will feel It around you, and then you ask It to go forth and bless the rest of Life, and you have complied with the Great Law of Love.

That’s what makes you Master over the manifested Universe. That is what enables you to wield Unlimited Power, and at the same time be kept Eternally, Invincibly Protected.

There is no Power superior to the Heart Flame of Eternal Love! Whether that Heart Flame comes from your “Beloved I AM Presence” or the Hearts of the Ascended Host or the Heart Flame of the Physical Sun or the Heart Flame of the Great Central Sun, matters not – the Heart Flames of the Angelic Host. There is the One Master Presence and Power of Life to which everything in the manifested Universe bows and gives Obedience, and It’s the only thing worth serving.

From tonight, I trust you will experiment with this! If you choose to live in Our Heart Realm of Our Hearts’ Sacred Fire Love to enfold you in Our World of Its Eternal Perfection, wherever you abide Life will be purified, harmonized, blessed, and raised into the harmonious way of association with you. It is the way you can harmonize your world for Eternity, and not be subject to the limitations or the distress of the present conditions in the outer world.

So, We hope you will let Us insulate you in the Sacred Fire Love of Our own Hearts’ Realm of Life and let Our Ascended Master Power and Presence of that Sacred Fire Love pour Its Eternal Blessing and Perfection in and around you and become an eternal part of your Life Stream, as you give It to the rest of the world; till this world becomes a Sun Presence of Its Victory also. So, We commend you to the enjoyment of using the Master Power of Life’s Almighty Victory and Control of the manifested Universe by the only thing that permits it to exist.

May you go forward and live in the Heart Realm of Our Sacred Fire Love, the Sacred Fire Love of your “Presence”, and let Us show you what Magnificent Blessings await your use, and what Magnificent Temples of the Sacred Fire become your Powerhouse of Manifestation to give to the rest of Life the Happiness of Eternity. Go forward and dwell with Us in Our World of the Heart’s Love to Life, and you will never have cause to regret it. Thank you with all My Heart.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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