understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed Ones, I could talk forever on the Blessings that will be yours when you begin to call forth into yourselves – first, through yourselves, around yourselves, and into your affairs – the Heart Flames of Sacred Fire Love from, of course, always your “Presence” first, but from the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, to create Eternal Perfection in this world and into all Life that you contact. Your business in Life is to expand Perfection to the rest of Life, and that Perfection is Eternal and Ever-expanding. That’s the Law of the Universe. It’s the Law of all constructive action.

When you make up your mind that that is to be your daily habit, that’s to be the routine of your use of Life every day, nothing could be denied you; and you would automatically have your world filled with the same Great Heart Flame of Sacred Fire Love that you call forth into outer physical conditions.

If you care to experiment with this and establish this as a Heart Flame around your physical body, and realize that you abide within that, and wherever you go, you live in the Heart Realm of Life – then you pour forth to the rest of Life your Heart’s Command to Life. And when you choose to use the Heart Flame’s Sacred Fire Love from any Ascended Master or Cosmic Being – from any of the Angelic Host – you have but to make the Call, and the Flame descends, and Love answers Its own instantly.

It is very much more enjoyable, I assure you, to go through this world and fill it with the Heart Flame of Sacred Fire Love from your “Presence” and the Ascended Host, than go through your daily experiences of struggle and strain and problems and mistakes and limitations, and the conditions that you have experienced up until now. But those conditions can cease from this hour if you care to reach up and accept this which I offer, this which I have the Authority and Power to release into you and through you and into your affairs, in your conditions, and into the Nation, as the Power of the Ascended Masters’ Life that saves the Nation from the discord mankind has imposed upon it.

Beloved Ones, as you continue to call to the Angelic Host for Their Sacred Fire Control of manifestations here, you will be the happiest people that ever drew breath in this world! And I just want you to remain happy for Eternity, so let us use It from tonight! (applause). Thank you so much.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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