Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 298

“There are rare occasions where you have individuals come right to your door in answer to your Call; but the Law of your physical octave is that you must perform some physical action in response to your Call to the “I AM Presence”. I mean by that; you must be ready to be prompted and ready to perform any physical service which might be required to have your Call fulfilled more quickly.

If you should have your Call answered direct, your readiness for physical action would not prevent it; but if your Life Stream required certain physical action in connection with your Call to the “I AM Presence”, and you did not perform that physical action – or you believed you did not have to, which would prevent you having the prompting – then you would not have fulfilled the service required, and your answer would not come. So, I am calling your attention to it.

The Messengers have taken up this explanation and called your attention to these things, because they are vital. Now with Us – We are not in the human octave, and We are in a Substance which vibrates so much more rapidly than the substance which is here, that We of course have Instantaneous Action, always. But you need not be an Ascended Being to have Instantaneous Action and Answer to your Calls in your octave, because you are the Law of Acceptance of your “I AM Presence”!

Of course, if you will act harmoniously to the Divine Law, you will act harmoniously to the physical – laws which are Divine and just; but you will also see where the action in the outer law is not correct! Then you will call the Powers of Light and the Great Ones into action, to correct the wrong.

Now please do understand that in whatever condition needs adjusting, if you will keep calling the “I AM Presence” to project these Mighty Light Rays of Blue Lightning or whatever is required, into the condition to harmonize everything and bring Divine Order and Divine Justice, or to regulate the release of the supply you require, the “Presence” absolutely goes into action right then and there; and if you will accept It as you continue your Application from time to time, you will have amazing results!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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