Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 293

“Do not let the human suggestion make you quail or fear before that appearance world. It has no power! Oh, My Dear Ones, when you understand what happens when you say with intensity and powerful conviction to all human limiting conditions, “You have no power”, you stop that instant, everything of limiting nature from acting in your world!

If you will call your “I AM Presence” to sustain that and see that it never moves forward into your world again, you will steadily and surely gain the power and momentum which will prevent forever, any human suggestion or condition acting in your world to limit you or give you pain or distress in any way.

The Messenger had a letter from an individual today – now notice how carefully as I repeat it, for it is important to every one of you. That letter said: “Why is it, when I come into those Classes, such a pressure seizes upon me”, and – referring to the Messenger – “when I come into your atmosphere, I feel the tremendous repelling force?”

It is quite easy to explain. The destructive forces which are trying to compel that individual to turn away from the Light, throw over that individual a repelling force to try to discourage him from the Light. You see it must be the destructive forces doing the repelling, because there are millions who love the Messengers and who are powerfully attracted; and through their devotion are having their Freedom and solving their problems.

Beloved Ones, even in your city are individuals exercising every power in their beings to bring disturbance to the “I AM” Students, to bring confusion. Be firm and unyielding, for they have no power to do it or touch you; but you must be firm, calm, and determined! …Oh, that they might realize what that energy could do if turned to draw forth Perfection to themselves! 

Do you not see how foolish human beings can be? For what reason do people want to interfere with this Light? Do you not see that individuals become vicious through long accumulation; but when that returns upon them, they will be compelled to face the consequences.

Those unfortunate individuals think they are dealing with these Messengers – how very foolish! They are dealing with the Infinite Power of the Cosmic Light, which is determined to raise the vibratory action of this Earth, and all human beings on this Earth cannot prevent it; and it is a pity they do not understand enough to see it. Therefore, Dear People, these unfortunate individuals will find they are not dealing with Messengers at all; they are dealing with the Power of Light which knows no opposite!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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