understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Angelic Host’s Service to Life is beyond anything you can comprehend! And I may I give you just a little of the Joy that is Ours when We see a group of people harmonized long enough to let the Light expand through each one, and as the group hold together, each one’s Life Stream pours a Flame into the combined energy; and that becomes a Sun Presence of Power of constructive action that that group can bring into outer physical conditions.

This is how constructive activity through the centuries is brought into outer world experience in one civilization after another. All the constructive ideas in every civilization are given to humanity within that civilization by not only the Higher Mental Body of each Life Stream, but the Ascended Host and the Cosmic Beings who are trying to expand the Light through every Heart Flame – the Light through every nation, the Light through the substance and structure of Earth itself; until it becomes luminous to the point where the Life Streams embodying here can never again create discord.

This is the way We give Protection to everything that is constructive. Therefore, when you think of Protection, will you always think of a Sun Presence of one or more Activities of the Sacred Fire that goes forth in answer to your Call. And if you could see this once from the Inner Level, you’d be the happiest people on Earth!

When your Heart’s Flame reaches up to your “Presence”, your “Mighty I AM Presence” or the Ascended Host, and you call the various activities of the Sacred Love of the Sacred Fire into the conditions of the physical world to enfold individuals or localities or activities of the outer life, the moment your Heart desires to render that Service, the Heart’s Flame Itself sends up its own Ray of Light and Love, and your “Beloved I AM Presence” and the Ascended Host take that up, and pouring Their own Sacred Fire’s Love into It, amplify It into a Sun Presence, and project It forth on a Light Ray into a condition or in and around individuals or localities to bring Perfection from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, into this world.

This goes on all the time and is the Great Law of Life’s Ever-expanding Perfection to bless unascended beings with enough of the Sacred Fire Love from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, to be the Magnetic Pull that draws the individuals Heart Flame up and out of the clutches of human creation.

Therefore, when you wish to free individuals from destructive conditions, try to remember, your “Mighty I AM Presence” and one or more of the Ascended Host must at all times pour forth some Activity of the Sacred Fire or Cosmic Light from the Ascended Masters’ Octave, into this world to master conditions here – to establish here the Perfection from Our Octave that is the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan, to lift the individuals or the condition out of the control of destructive forces.

When this is the condition that affects an entire Nation, I’m sure you can begin to realize now something of how gigantic is the task to purify this Nation. And this Nation has the most Light of any nation in the world! You can begin to see what it means, from Our Standpoint, to draw enough of the Cosmic Sacred Fire Purity of Our Love and concentrate It into a nation and into the people of a nation, to stand aside enough of the destructive forces to let that which is the constructive activity within each Life Stream render its service to the Nation, and through the Nation to the World.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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