understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Blessed, Beloved Ones of Our Hearts, I wish to assure you tonight that Our Love for you is beyond anything you can understand in your willingness to stand and give these Decrees for the Purification, Protection, and Freedom of the Nation that is the Heart of the World.

I wish to reveal something to you tonight that perhaps will give you some concept of what terrific effort Life goes to in order to not only sustain a planet and Life upon It, but to help the beings who embody here to fulfill the Great Divine Plan that raises them unto the Ascension.

Could you see as We do the accumulation of mankind’s discord which always creates darkness – it’s just like soot in the atmosphere of a city. Mankind’s discord is an impurity, and therefore when at intervals the Great Cosmic Law permits the Cosmic Beings to consume a certain proportion, or perhaps all of the discord accumulated up to that time, it is because the planet and mankind upon it could not survive if a certain proportion of that impurity is not taken off at intervals.

Now this is what affects the planet, but the same thing is true of the individual. If a certain accumulation of discord in the emotional body, the feeling world of the individual, is not removed from time to time, it accumulates to the point where it makes it impossible for the Light within the Unfed Flame in the Heart to expand enough through the outer self to hold Its Activities to the constructive way of life.

We govern the Destiny of individual Life Streams as well as the Destiny of a nation. Each nation has a Cosmic Being and Legion of the Angelic Host who are the Governing Intelligence to try to purify each nation and help it to arise to the Fulfillment of its Divine Plan.

Just as your Higher Mental Body is the Guarding Presence for the outer self and its activities as you go through many embodiments, so is there provided for each nation a Guarding Presence of that nation to hold its identity, until it either fulfills the Divine Plan, or Its discord dissolves it, and it loses its identity as the centuries go on.”

The Great Cosmic Angel

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