Grateful Day, Everyone…

Beloved Mighty Victory quote 294

“You know Jesus in His Ministry said, “Can ye not watch with Me one hour?”, and they all fell asleep; but you are going to watch clearly and definitely. And as you see one by one of these individuals disappear from action, then will you know that the Great Cosmic Light has released Its Mighty Action and taken Its Dominion, because mankind is once again to be Free!

To think that there is any human being who does not want mankind to be Free – who, in the arrogance and egotism of insanity, tries to oppose the Greatest Blessing ever brought to mankind! Because people are too ignorant and vicious to know that, does not change the Truth of it in any way. Yet the condition in the appearance world exists, and therefore must be disposed of – and disposed of, it will be! 

We can afford to be very patient! We can afford to give them every opportunity possible; and when having been given opportunity, repeatedly they refuse, then shall their own destruction return upon them!

Therefore, Beloved People, the Cosmic Light in Its Release has said this; and how do you think the Cosmic Light speaks to Us? How do you think the Cosmic Light speaks to you? You remember that the Cosmic Light to which we refer is that which is released from the Central Focus of Light, Intelligence, and Power to this System of Planets – directed by Beings of such Power and Intelligence as are inconceivable to the human intellect. Those are the Great Beings from that Central Focus who are releasing this Cosmic Light!

It is not the Universal Cosmic Light We are speaking about. It is a Consciously Directed Power of the Cosmic Light, projected by those Great Beings; and They have said – knowing this Light is the only thing which will bring Freedom to mankind – “All opposition to this Light must cease!” 

Then are We to blame, if We stop the operation of the viciousness of individuals who refuse, after being given opportunity for three years, to stop? Can We be blamed if We operate the Law, fulfill the Command of the Great Cosmic Law, and see that this is stopped? I want you to understand clearly, as you see these things occur, that no power can stand before this Great Light!” – Beloved Mighty Victory

Stay Safe, Stay Focused…And Y’all Be Love! 💜💜💜

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