understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I think you’ve heard many times the Messenger tell of the experience of the Blessed Master Kuthumi when his Life Stream was at the testing time, and he stood, as it were, upon a knife edge of two forces. Just a breath could have thrown him into the destructive activities, and just a wave, one wave of Love, drew him into the Service of the Light. And that experience was a tremendous thing.

He said in the hour, when he of his own Free Will, had to make his choice as to whom he was going to serve – which activity of Life – He said an uncle whom he loved very greatly and who loved him very greatly, just one wave of the love from that uncle who was thinking about him, made him decide to go the constructive way of Life.

That’s why no one can be approximate how great is the Power that can be released; and how great will the love render its Service to Life, when We pour forth the Cosmic Call for Sacred Fire Love to strengthen the Life Streams of those whom we love, be they embodied or disembodied – strengthen those Life Streams by Our Love – strong enough to make them desire to go the constructive way of life. So, no earnest effort is lost! Not one wave of sincere, unselfish Love – the Sacred Fire Love of the Cosmic Christ – not one wave can go out that does not eternally bless Life.

And that’s what the world needs since the world is taking its Initiation in Love. Surely those of you who understand this Law, I’m quite sure you will see what service you can render to many Life Streams – whom you do not know – may be struggling with all they are, and have to try to hold to the constructive way of life; but the pressure of the mass accumulation of mankind’s discord is so heavy upon them because of their own accumulation and desires of the past, that the struggle is one of life and death, the struggle to either go to the Light or the struggle that allows the destructive force to swallow up the individual into the destructive activities, that sooner or later destroy everything.

You cannot approximate the Power in just one wave of feeling of love to Life, that asks for Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to strengthen every Life Stream and enfold every Life Stream in that Sacred Fire Power of All-Purifying Love, that holds it to the constructive way of life, in the hour of its greatest trial. This is the Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy which the Beloved Master Jesus taught, and which every Ascended Master not only has taught, but is to Life, at all times.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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