understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You do not know, and will not know until your Ascension, in some of your own experiences when you almost swung to destructive forces. You do not know whose wave of Love was the magnetic pull that drew you onto the constructive way of life. So don’t ever presume to pass judgment on anyone else.

You do not know how much Assistance the Love of one or more of the Ascended Host, and many times the sincere, unselfish love of some of your family, your relatives, or your friends might have been the delicate touch, and just the small amount of energy needed to hold you to the constructive way of life when you were wavering, and the destructive forces were pulling you the other way. So, from tonight, I hope I may be of Service in this direction, because it is one of the great Avenues of Service which We render in Our Assistance to mankind through the Powers of Healing. (applause). Thank you so much.

The Beloved Mary, all through the ages has been concerned with, and one of her principal Activities to bless the people of this world, is that of bringing the Purity that always produces Healing. The Beloved Meta also is one of those who is Authority over the healing of all mankind, as is Beloved Mary, the Great Lord the Maha Chohan, Myself, the Beloved Quan Yin, and Legions of the Healing Angels.

Therefore, there are great Groups of the Angelic Host who are concerned just with pouring in and around human beings, the Sacred Fire’s Power Flame to make individuals feel more kindly to Life, and more kindly to those who sometimes injure them. This Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to Life must come, My Beloved Ones, because It is part of the Sacred Fire’s Consuming Activity to consume the shadows and the substance which hate always creates, and densifies and concentrates in and around individuals, until they will not let the constructive impulses of life have dominion through the outer self.

The great Healing Activities of the whole world come under the Direction of the Great Lord the Maha Chohan and Legions of the Angelic Host, Ascended Beings who have chosen to concentrate Their Service to Life into the channels of Healing to bring Purification there, which heals mankind permanently.”

Beloved Lady Master Nada

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