isis unveiled, vol 2: chapter i (the church)

“Who, of those who ever studied the ancient philosophies, who understand intuitionally the grandeur of their conceptions, the boundless sublimity of their views of the Unknown Deity, can hesitate for a moment to give the preference to their doctrines over the incomprehensible dogmatic and contradictory theology, of the hundreds of Christian sects? Who that ever read Plato and fathomed his To ‘Ov, “whom no person has seen except the Son”, can doubt that Jesus was a disciple of the same secret doctrine which had instructed the great philosopher?

For, as we have shown before now, Plato never claimed to be the inventor of all that he wrote, but gave credit for it to Pythagoras, who, in his turn, pointed to the remote East as the source whence he derived his information and his philosophy. Colebrooke shows that Plato confesses it in his epistles, and says that he has taken his teachings from ancient and sacred doctrines! Moreover, it is undeniable that the theologies of all the great nations dovetail together and show that each is a part of “one stupendous whole.”

Like the rest of the initiates, we see Plato taking great pains to conceal the true meaning of his allegories. Every time the subject touches the greater secrets of the Oriental Kabala, secret of the true cosmogony of the universe and of the ideal, preexisting world, Plato shrouds his philosophy in the profoundest darkness. His Timaeus is so confused that no one but an initiate can understand the secret meaning. And Mosheim thinks that Philo has filled his works with passages directly contradicting each other, for the sole purpose of concealing the true doctrine. For once, we see a critic on the right track.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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