understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I offer you tonight, the Gifts that I can give from the Jade Temple. Then one day, there will come into this world a Focus of a Special Activity that is contained within Jade; and that is established for centuries to pour forth it’s constant, Purifying Radiation, to sustain that which is constructive, and to ever create greater Blessings and more magnificent civilizations that will bless the rest of Life, and make the Pathway to the Ascension easier, happier, more invincible, and always Victorious. These are the Gifts that We can give. This is Our Service to Life.

So, if you care to accompany Us to some of Our Heights of Magnificent Activity, We can reveal to you this Greater Perfection and Joy of Life. And then if you will let Us pour Our Greater Purity through you, to create more Beauty and Perfection in this world, It can only bring you Greater Happiness and a Greater Raising Activity to lift you to your Ascension.

So Blessed Ones, go on, and call into the physical world the magnificent Powers of the Angelic Host that reveal to mankind what all individuals can have, as they understand to cooperate with the Greater Life and the Greater Blessings they can use, is to bring those Blessings here in the physical world for your Greater Perfection, your greater harmony, and your greater ease in attaining the Ascension.

So go forward, and if you care to call Me, I will have very Great Joy illumining you and showing you some of the things I can do for Life, and revealing to you some of the Blessings in the Jade Temple, that one day will fill this world, too, with the same Happiness and Beauty and Perfection, We have there.

I hope you will enjoy the greater use of these Blessings that We want you to have, that you may fill your world with the same Great Happiness that fills Ours. And then you will be so busy expanding that Happiness, you will have forgotten forever that you ever went through the experience of the shadows, in which suffering was experienced by mankind.

As your Greater Creative Activity goes forward like Ours, you will forget the distress and the limitations through which you have passed, and you will not look back, because the Perfection of the future will draw you on into itself, and you will forever leave the shadows behind. Thank you with all My Heart.”

Beloved Angel Deva Of The Jade Temple

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